Mekong River - Take Two!

     It’s been another tremendous week on the Mekong. We’ve been experiencing the river life to its full potential through a flurry of activities ranging from bumpy ox cart rides, exploring small villages, beautiful river cruising during sunsets and sunrises, and meeting local people as we make our way up from South Vietnam to central Cambodia. The heat has been building up these past few months, and the days are noticeably hotter than when I was last here in January. We take advantage of cool mornings and afternoons by planning our excursions during these times, while spending the majority of the mid-day cruising the river.

     Today is our turn-around day – the guests onboard will drive up to Siem Riep to explore Angkor Wat while a new group will join us for the remaining portion of the cruise down river. While this last group was phenomenal, I always look forward to meeting the new faces on board, so today will be very exciting. The crew are frantically cleaning and scrubbing to bring the ship back to tiptop shape, but I enjoy a lazy afternoon off as I wait for the busses to arrive. Heading down river marks my fourth trip out here, yet the scenery continues to change and the experiences are always new and exciting. I can’t see these marvelous countries or cultures ever getting old, and I’m always so happy to return. Looking forward to another great trip down river!