Land of the giant trees

It was my first trip to California, and seeing the giant sequoias took my breath away. I was blown away by their splendor and size, and also by the photographic challenge they presented. It's nearly impossible to frame one of these behemoths in the viewfinder without somehow cropping either the base or the top, so attention to composition and angle was essential. Additionally it was important to consider background distractions and nearby elements that could either enhance or take away from the final image. I found myself asking the questions: do I want a single tree, or multiple in the shot? Should I have something like a person or object in the shot to add perspective on how giant these trees are, or just capture the beauty of the scene and let the enormity of these ancient trees be interpreted by the viewer. These are just some of the many questions that a photographer must ask him/herself when photographing in this region. All in all I would have loved to have spent more time in these majestic forests, and I hope to return some day in the near future!