Dutch Harbor

Well, not much new going on up here, the most exciting part of my day usually involves finding some new, strange species of fish in my sample spotting a rare bird as it flies past us on our way out to the fishing grounds. We did, however, have a visitor on the boat the other day – one that in over 20 years of fishing, none of the other crew had ever seen jump on a boat before. Turns out a sea lion boarded the boat when we were out at sea! My hypothesis is that there were killer whales in the area and the spooked sea lion jumped ship (in this case jumped ON ship) to avoid them. Anyways, it was just an interesting thing to see him sitting on our trawl ramp for nearly two hours before he headed back into the big blue!



Here’s our little visitor!



Curious little bugger….



Every week or so when we make our way back into Dutch Harbor to offload, its great to notice the change in scenery… When I first arrived, it was fairy dry and brown, but now as summer kicks in the flowers are blooming and the green hills splattered in pink and blue are simply stunning..



Wild lupines grow all over the island! Its gorgeous!



Imagine playing ‘this little piggy’ with this guy!



A windy day in Dutch!



DSC00665Stacks of crab pots – you see these all over the island, waiting for the winter crab season!




Pretty mountains!