Even the ocean can get rough…

Wow..last night was a wild ride. Even my almond butter thought so! Sounds funky but it goes kind of like this... that almond butter has been sitting in top of my bed for the last few days and every time I have a crack at it, the contents always seem to be in the exact same position I left them in the day before. So I start drawing designs in the butter before I cap it to see if it holds, kind of a little fun surprise when I open it up the next day and find cutsie designs in my delicious tasty almond butter haha. But I'm telling you, that stuff doesn't budge! Its like glue, once its set and capped, it stays solid! Well...this morning when I opened up my tasty almond butter hoping to see that little birdie I drew flying off into an almond butter sunset, what I found was kind of a shocker. It looked a lot like gravity had made some erratic decisions and changed directions on numerous occasions, turning my neatly organized little jar of almond butter into an explosion of goo covering the entire container!!!
Bet you never thought a guy could write an entire paragraph on almond butter now did ya haha. Yep...sometimes I even surprise myself! Ok back to the story. So as I have been so accustomed to these unbelievable conditions where I peer out and it literally looks like we're floating on glass - even calmer than most lakes I've been on - I can't help but think I've been a bit spoiled. And the funny part is that early on in the day, the sun was shining and it was gorgeous out! I felt like a bear that's been in hibernation going months without seeing sunshine, finally emerging from the cave I have appropriately named 'Morning Star' only to find a spectacular, flat, sunny day. But the funny part is that when I see that sun shining, it makes me nervous for what's to come. The only other day that we've hit any kind of weather just so happened to be that dreaded Wednesday oh so any Wednesdays ago when earlier in the day, it happened to be sunny and beautiful. So it was only appropriate that the first thing I thought to myself when I saw those golden rays of light shining so glamorously off that glassy calm ocean surface was...if history repeats itself, which I'm assuming it has a good chance of doing especially out here on the Bering Sea, then I'm in for a little treat tonight. And lets just say I wasn't that far off...
Lets just say that octopus I ate last night found itself scattered in little bits all around the trawl alley haha. In fact..I think my journal entry from yesterday kind of goes like this:
  6/25/2011   2pm: A beautiful sunny day! The water is glass, I could float out here forever...
                      6pm: We just caught a huge octopus! Awesome! Ate some, yum yum!
                     10pm: Uh oh..running into some chop out here...
                     2am: That octopus quickly made its way out of my stomach and onto the deck just now... why oh why do fishermen have mustaches!!!!



The day starts out deceitfully calm….



Did I say glass? Yeah… I meant glass. Have you ever seen calmer water!?





Fighting boredom is a real battle out at sea. Trying to stay upright during an afternoon of jump roping on a rocking boat makes for a good challenge..




The octopus we caught! It was tasty going down…less so when it came back up…





Starting to get choppy out there…soon these waves were twice the size. Hard to believe that earlier in the day it was calmer than a lake out there.





Pollock. Is it really worth the sleepless nights and bouts of seasickness?




Yep…I think it’s worth it.




You might not believe it, but these birds are so common in Dutch Harbor that they are actually considered pests! It’s not uncommon to see twenty lined up on the boat railings back at dock where they feed on the discarded catch. Can anybody name the bird?




Fisherman hard at pla..errr.. work!