Lauren comes to Nam!

Lauren came out here about a week ago and we've been having such a great time together! It's so nice to have a great friend from back home out visiting in one of the exotic places life brings me to - we've had so much fun exploring new foods, going around town on the motorbike, and just hanging out and seeing what there is to see. I just wanted to post a few photos here, more stories to come later as our adventures continue!

 Riding the moto!

 Delicious avocado smoothie! Who would have thought it could be so tasty!

 One night after a hard rain, the streets of Nha Trang were flooded!!

 Another shot of the flooded streets

 Cooking noodle soup in my apartment

 We woke up at 4:45am to swim during the sunrise

We went to the nearby waterfall and went swimming
Of course, I found a vine to swing off of like Tarzan
Jumping off the vine into the water! Upon trying the risky swing maneuver again, the vine snapped and my landing was much less graceful than the first