Vietnamese food is a slice of heaven… the noodle soups are nothing short of amazing! And they’ve easily got the best deserts in the world! I’ve fallen in love with one in particular called chuey nuong (translates to grilled banana) which is a tiny banana covered in sticky rice, then wrapped in banana leaves and grilled on a fire. Then they cut everything up, smother it with coconut milk, peanutes and tapioca! Mmmm it’s the best, and there’s a lady that sells it on the side of the road near my tennis stadium so every day after hitting the ball around I stop by and eat delicious grilled banana. Some days I even catch myself daydreaming about it midway through a serve or point and my tennis game steps up a notch for sure! It’s literally one of the tastiest snacks in the world! And for 5,000VND (about 25 cents) you cant go wrong!
My favorite local 'grilled banana' stand
                                                      Here's what it looks like when prepared
I’ve also recently found a delicious meal called banh can. Sad that I hadn’t tried it during my first five months over here, I eat it almost every day now! Basically they will take rice powder and mix it with water, then pour it into small circular clay pots over a fire and plop a quail egg on top. It’s the closest thing to a pancake that they have over here and when rice and noodles gets old (after 10 months of rice and noodles, when I need my western food fix this does the trick). These little buggers look simple but they sure are tasty! They give you a little bowl of fish sauce and chopped up onion to dip them in and they become so delicious and flavorful!  

                                                     A lady preparing banh can

                     Here's what the ban canh looks like when you eat it and dip it into the sauce

 Oh how I will miss the delicious food when I go back to America!

              And of course, I had to include a picture of the famous Vietnamese pho noodles!  This one with an egg inside

                I took some couch sufers I was hosting out to dinner one night, it was a lot of fun!