Life's been pretty busy lately (or maybe I've just been lazy...) so I havn't posted in a while, so I figured I'd talk about my latest adventure! About 45 minutes away from where I'm staying in Nha Trang there is a gorgeous area where you can hike in along side a stream to a big waterfall. I've been seriously missing any kind of outdoor activity (you cant hike anywhere because of the possibility of bumping into unexploded ordinances or landmines) so to finally find a place where I can go on a hike - albeit a mini one - has been a relief! Just if it were a little bit closer to town, but that's ok, I can make the trek in times of desperation. Today I brought my slackline with me and set it up between two trees on opposite sides of the river. It was a great time, but there was a lot of belly flopping into the water below when I would lose my footing, looks like I need more practice than I imagined. The waterfall area is also perfect for jumping into off the high rocks around as it's quite deep, so me and my friends had a blast jumping into the water below :)

it's high!

in the falls

 very beautiful

beautiful area!

taking the plunge!

 tony doing some serious lounging...

 setting up the slackline

 while i slave away and set up the slackline, tony works hard in the hammock

 looks like i put on a few pounds over here....saggggggging into the water!

 belly flop number one....

aaaaaand about to be belly flop number 2