Destination anywhere

I had a week off during my birthday and was itching to find something exciting to do, and a friend of mine suggested we take a bus and head off to Cambodia. Well, I didnt take much convincing, so I bought a bus ticket for that late night, threw a t-shirt and my camera in my backpack, ran out to the street and bought the lonely planet book and off we went. What a fun trip it was! We arrived in the capital city with no idea where we would sleep or what we wanted to do - walked around for a couple of hours until we found a nice hotel on the river for 10$, then planned for the next couple days. We decided to go to Angkor - the ancient ruins - and then to Sihanoukville, a little beach town in the south. Both places were absolutely amazing. Angkor was nothing shy of magical... to think that these magnificant structures were built over a thousand years ago was simply unbelievable. As impressive a sight as the pyramids, I can imagine. After a day of touring the ruins, we took a long night bus down to the beach for a couple days of sun and surf. It was well worth it. The beaches were stunning. The water was the perfect temperature, the ocean calm as can be, and the sand was irrisistable. And best of all, there were no crowds (like there can be around the beaches here in Nha Trang). Overall it was a quick trip, but I had such a great time that I'm already planning my next one :)

Temples at Angkor

Beautiful sunset along the coast
Gorgeous beaches