Nha Trang = paradise

Well, I think it's safe to say I picked a paradise location for my research here in Vietnam. Nha Trang is regarded by most as the vacation hot spot of the country because of it's key location along the coast, it's stunning beaches, crystal clear ocean, beautiful mountain backdrop and amazingly friendly people. I was surprised by how quickly I fell in love with this place, and I've quickly come to realize why everybody at the Fulbright orientation was jealous about where I was headed for the next ten months. My apartment is about 200 meters from the beach, and centrally located in the 'western' part of town meaning there are a lot of wonderful restaurants and activities for me to do during my time off. I've already got myself a motorbike to cruise the town, and lately I've been spending a lot of my days swimming in the ocean, meeting new friends, giong out to restaurants with my professors and peers, exploring the city for new and exciting things to do, and basically anything else I can think of. Right now is Tet, the Vietnamese new year, so everybody is off work and celebrating. It's perfect because it gives me two weeks to get to know Nha Trang without having to stress about getting my project in order, so I've been having a lot of fun figuring this place out :)

My friend's cats

Boats at the harbor

A fishing boat

One of the islands off the coast

The beach outside my apartment

the city at night

another view of the beach outside my apartment

beautiful place