Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is nothing short of a non-stop hustling bustling city. Everything seems to operate at a hundred miles per hour over here – the streets are packed with motorbikes and cars, people everywhere, persistent honking, thousands of little shops selling this and that… visiting this major city for a few days was an experience in itself. Though not being much of a city person myself, I can gladly say that I am only a couple days away from flying to Nha Trang – the location I will be spending the remainder of my time here in Vietnam.
Despite flying in a few days ago, I am still trying to get over a nasty bout of jetlag. Waking up at 2am and taking long naps during the day probably isn’t helping… anywho it’s been fun exploring this wild city since I’ve arrived. So far I’ve picked up a few things:

Nobody, and I mean nobody, speaks English out here.

Crossing the streets is a dangerous, heart-stopping activity.

My fear of not having enough funds to feed my never ending hunger has been assuaged – to my amazement, I’ve been able to eat myself happy for less than $6 a day! Yay!

Being one of the only white people the locals have ever seen, you get used to being an object of amusement for them.

Being the only person over six feet tall in this country, I must be considered a giant…

Well, more to come soon, I have orientation until the 13th, then it’s off to Nha Trang to work with some lobsters!

Missing everyone back home! Love you guys!

powerlines look pretty messy...

This girl gets it done in heels!

Yummy Pho!

Need some shoes?

Checked in to a hotel and they put me in the 303!

Balloons anyone?

Mini market

Mini Market