Patagonia can easily be described in two words: jaw-dropping. From the moment you see the spires in the distant as you fly in to the day you arrive at their base, it is an awe inspiring heaven on earth. But it’s not the size of the mountains that makes them so appealing, in fact I’ve often seen much larger formations face-to-face (Nepal, Denali … ) but rather it’s the shape of the formation that is incredibly unique here in Chile. Sheer rock cliffs jutting out of the ground thousands of feet in the air surrounded by awesome snowcapped peaks, all surrounded by turquoise streams and lakes to make an unbelievable sight, well, all the more unbelievable. We’ve only spent four nights in the park on the Chilean side, but have had no problem keeping busy. From riding bikes, to hiking the splendid trails, to walking along the many lake beaches, and cruising the bumpy dirt roads in our miniature South American rental car, we’ve had an absolute blast seeing all there is to see in this majestic land. Next up: the Fitz Roy range in Argentina for a few nights before the real adventure begins – our cruise to the Antarctic!




DSCN0508Our hotel the first night we were in El Calafate, before driving to Patagonia


Lamb, roasting on the fire! Yummy!!






Biking in Patagonia, gorgeous!




Beautiful lakes everywhere




My mom, mountain biking extraordinaire!






The very funky and very cool eco domes we stayed inDSCN0557

Llamas roam the land, they're everywhere!