Antarctic Adventure Begins!

“314, please come to the reception to check in. Room 314, you have not reported back, so please make sure to do so immediately because we cannot start the boat until we have you checked in. 314, I repeat, that is room 314, please check in.”  

Yes, my mom and I are in room 314. These are the first words I hear on the megaphone speaker throughout the boat after getting back on board from our first landing in Antarctica. I guess I’m not terribly surprised, but it was certainly a bit embarrassing being called out over the entire speaker system when my mom forgot to check in after getting back on board. And yet, I cant help but wonder if our cabin will be called out again in the future… we’ll see!

Now that everyone’s accounted for, we’re steaming down the South Shetland Islands for our next excursion. We just got back on board from our very first landing, which was on Half Moon Island on the northern tip of the Shetland Island chain and it was an amazing feeling having Antarctic soil beneath my feet. Even though I was in the back of the Zodiac which brought people from the boat to the island, I was one of the first to step off. I didn’t mind standing in the 3 feet of water where I was (with my boots/waterproof pants on) and was just to eager to wait for the slow old folks in front of me to waddle their way off the boat.

I’ve always dreamed of being on Antarctica, and today that dream came true. After a few steps, I got down on my belly, and rolled around, just to soak it all in. I had to immerse myself in Antarctica! It was a fun moment for me J

Penguins were everywhere, and it’s funny because one of the most memorable things for me will be how stinky they are! Peeeuuuuwwww, I could smell them when we were still on the water! All they’ve been doing for the past month is feeding their little chicks, which involves a lot of regurgitating partially digested fish. Not surprisingly, it’s a messy job and a lot of ends up on the ground, where it builds up and up, making for an ever stinkier place to live. Must be penguin paradise…

Day 1 – fabulous. But I think it’s only uphill from here, as we have several more exciting things on the agenda. Cant wait![gallery]