A weekend up north!

I just came back from a fabulous weekend trip up to Jackson and Yellowstone - two of the most beautiful photographic locations in the US. It was an awesome time, filled with adventure and non-stop action! It was my goal to get as much shooting in as possible, both day and night, so by the end of the weekend I was beyond sleep-deprived. It was well worth it though, and the shots came out great! Enjoy :)  



700_7971 2


The Jackson Barn, photographed just before midnight. The bright moon actually made for a challenging night to get everything exposed properly!



Another angle of the Jackon barn





When the sun finally came out, it turned out we were surrounded by buffalo. I had heard them throughout the night, a little frightened, but thankfully they didn't give me too much trouble.





Scenic overlook




700_8276 bw

Same view, after sunrise



700_8333 2

Yellowstone colors...



700_8366 2

There was a wildfire raging in Yellowstone - made for dramatic sunset shots.



800_0746 2

The Yellowstone wildfire







800_0867 4


One of the most serene spots I'd ever camped at.... I stumbled upon this spot just after sunset and couldn't believe how perfect it was! Beautiful!