Introducing the New York Collection

         I just spent a fabulous week in New York City and had a wonderful time scouting out great photo locations and creating some captivating cityscape images. I lucked out with the weather, with five great days of sunshine making scouting much easier, followed by one day of rain and fog, which made for the amazing shots I was looking for! It's funny, in the entire week I spent in the city, I spent six of the seven days looking for the best angles, spots, views possible, all while waiting for the weather to turn (you gotta remember, in photography, bad weather is good weather!) Finally the day before my flight the clouds rolled in and I lucked out with the perfect shooting day! So I hustled around town trying to hit up all the spots I'd been eyeing, and I think I did a pretty good job of covering ground that last day! Enjoy the shots, which you can find in my Portfolio section of the website :)



New York.jpg